Full STEAM Ahead-Lego STEAM for K-1st Graders: 2nd Week

This week during our Lego STEAM we worked on building again but in a different way than last week.


Here is what our description was for the day:

Students will work individually and get a set of instructions of what they should be building.  Every student will have a build plate in front of them and legos to share on table.  Students will have five minutes for each ‘Lets Build It’ Cards.


-Let’s Build Cards


-Build Plate for each student

-Set of legos at each table, I use Lego Storybuilders kits

How did it go?

Having quick activities that ran for about five minutes each worked well because it kept them engaged and interested! We used the storybuilder kits which rocked! They had to share kits with one other person.



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