Makerspaces are Key

I think that Makerspaces can mean a vast amount of different things but I think that Makerspaces are a key to introduce students to new technology that they wouldn’t normally get to play with in a classroom or at home. At our library we strive to provide new emerging technologies that help a range of ages. Our newest one that I LOVE is Osmo , that I have blogged about in the past, but I am now seeing the real results that it has on the right age groups. I am working with Pre-K-1st graders as they learn with Osmo. They are really getting the hang of it and learning key points to help them with coding in the future. For the Pre-K and Kindergarteners they are using Coding with Awbie and for my first graders they are using Coding Jam. They are going to be able to show how much of an expert they are during our open house in December. It took a few times for them to be comfortable with it but now they are professionals 🙂 I think that Makerspaces can be whatever you make them but I think it is so important to have things that students can be hands on with no matter if it is new technology, crafts, or something else. Giving them the time to be creative in their own way where they can fail and/or succeed and be in a safe environment while they explore is the real key.


Learning Commons

I think that all libraries in our world are changing, and changing for the better. One of the libraries in our industry that has changed the most over time is school libraries. At one point we felt like they were getting thrown off the map but now they are more important than ever. Reading an article, “Climbing to Excellence” for my IST 611 class, has opened my eyes to the amazing journey that school libraries have been on. School libraries aren’t just places of learning for the students they are places of learning for the librarians, teachers, and even parents, “the word “commons” could reflect a shift from a top-down organizational structure to the at networked world where the clients, both teachers and students, consider themselves to be in command of knowledge building” (Loertscher, D, n.d).

Technology is helping education to change by the second. There is so much more that students can get out of their education now due to technology and it can even turn their education into something that they are more excited about. Making up a word that encompasses all of the learning going on is where Learning Commons came from because the learning isn’t just happening in the psychical space of the library or even in the physical space of the school. Learning commons means that students can have their iPad or device anywhere and still be learning with each other “As our world continues to spin out new ways of working, playing, and learning together, one thing we can count on is the learning commons” (Loertscher, D, n.d).

When school librarians were in jeopardy of getting their school libraries taken away it was because there was a lot of change in the air and people weren’t sure that libraries would be needed. Especially now students are in virtual worlds within their devices and feel that they can connect with anyone at anytime but do they know their neighbors, “From their perspective, everything worth knowing, doing, or consuming is at their fingertips—and we expect to appeal to this crowd with a traditional library” (Loertscher, D, n.d.)? By changing up what the school library offers we can still appeal and help students succeed in many ways.

The best thing that we can do as school and public librarians is not be afraid of change, instead embrace change and be excited about the new technology and new ideas that are floating into our lives. Be active on social media to find out the next best things and be involved in our own learning commons!

Loertscher, D., & Koechlin, C. (n.d.). Climbing to Excellence . Retrieved September 29, 2017, from

Osmo for iPhone, YAY!

Today Osmo released that they are about to release Osmo base for iPhone! HECK YES! This makes it so much more accessible to many because so many people and kids have iPhones and if not the library staff does sometimes too!

Just overall iPads sometimes are too expensive for a library to add to their collection or to purchase 10 iPads. I think this makes Osmo much more accessible for some public libraries to consider adding Osmo to their collection or their makerspace. How cool would it be to make a check out kit that has Osmo in it??! I’m adding this to the list of my to-do thoughts 🙂 Check this out, it is super exciting ! Also Osmo is still releasing some more exciting news, about one every week! So you should definitely get on their mailing list. Want to join it? Click here. Also if you pre-order this amazing iPhone base you get 10% off on up to 3 Osmo games. It will be easy for you to pick 3 games! I promise 🙂

Check out their video on it here:

IPhone Base Video

Summer Storytime-Eric Carle

Today was all about the author Eric Carle, who is one of my favorites as I’m sure he is for a lot of you too 🙂 Here was the plan for the morning together:

1.) Hello Song with Instruments and Scarves

2.) Book: Friends

3.) Song-The Itsy Bitsy Spider

4.) Book: The Very Busy Spider

5.) Book/Flannel: Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? 

6.) Book-Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me

7.) Song-Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

8.) Book/Flannel/Plush-The Very Hungry Caterpillar

9.) Song-Cool Cat (Caterpillar) 

10.) Book/Motion-From Head to Toe 11.) Book/Flannel: Panda Bear, Panda Bear

12.) Song-Days of the Week

13.) Book-Today is Monday

14.) Book/Flannel: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

15.) Goodbye Song with Instruments/Scarves





Song-The Itsy bitsy Spider









Cool Cat—but insert caterpillar instead of cat









Summer Storytime-Mo Willems

Today’s storytime was all about the great author Mo Willems.  We had lots of fun with stories, flannels, songs, and stuffies! Check it out! Our plan for the morning was:

1.) Hello Song with Instruments and Scarves

2.) Book One: Big Frog Can’t Fit In

3.) Flannel and Book: Cat the Cat, Who Is That?

4.) Song/Flannel: 5 Elephants in the Bathtub

5.) Book : The Thank You Book

6.) Book: The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog

7.) Flannel/Song: The Soup is Boiling Up

8.) Song-When the Pigs Wake Up in the Morning

9.) Book: Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale

10.) Song-Te Amo

11.) Book: Time to  Sleep, Sheep the Sheep

12.) Scarf Song: Wave Your Scarves Up and Down

13.) Book: Let’s Go for a Drive

14.) Goodbye Song with Instruments and Scarves



This is a very hard book to find! The libraries don’t let it out because it is very easily destroyed and it is not being printed anymore so this book is about $50 online!!! I was able to borrow this book from a very good friend who is a children’s librarian, thank goodness 🙂



Five Elephants in the Bathtub 🙂













We then sang ‘When Pigs Wake Up in the Morning’ with all of the stuffies of Mo Willem’s characters 🙂




Song- Yo Te Amo




Scarf Song




Summer Storytime- Jobs in our Community

Today was an awesome storytime together! We focused on jobs in our community and had lots of fun reading, singing, and doing fun activities together! Here is what the plan was for the morning together:

1.) Hello Song with Instruments and Scarves

2.) Book One: Whose Hands Are These?

3.) Flannel-Little Fox, Little Fox

4.) Song-Community Worker 

5.) Book Two with Flannel: Hardworking Puppies

6.) Book Three with Flannel: Kitten Red, Yellow, Blue

7.) Song with Flannel:What is my Job?

 8.) Book Four: Firefighters!

9.) Song-Construction Worker

10.) Book: Hi, Pizza Man!

11.) Book and Flannel: LMNO Peas

12.) Song-The People in our Town

13.) Book: Trashy Town

14.) Goodbye song with instruments and scarves





I changed up a normal flannel from Little Cat, Little Cat to Little Fox, Little Fox.  I saw this


flannel on a few different blogs and made it my own by using images from and added Little Fox instead of Little Cat.  The kids took turns guessing where Miss Madelyn hid and others kids who hid Little Fox.  We would say, ‘Little Fox, Little Fox, are you under the Construction Hat?’








Community Worker Song to the Tune of The Farmer in the Dell

The Firemen are brave x2

Heigh ho what do you know, 

The Firemen are brave!

Other Verses: 

Barbers cut our hair

Doctors keep us well

Dentists check our teeth

Bakers bake our bread

Policemen stop traffic









Here is where you can get this awesome printable for this flannel :


IMG_3220Song with Flannel: 

What is my job? x2

Can you guess? x2


Who Am I? x2

Different Verses:

I help people get well

I deliver letters

I put out fires

I keep your pets well

I help you fix things

I keep you safe





Song with Maracas

Construction Worker 

IMG_3225This is the way we pound our nails, pound our nails, pound our nails.  

This is the way we pound our nails, all day long!

Other verses:

Saw the wood

Stack the Bricks

Paint the Walls

Turn the Screws

Stir the Paint





Book and Flannel


The People in Our Town to the tune of Wheels on the Bus

The people in our town work different jobs, different jobs, different jobs.  The people in our town work different jobs, because that’s what makes a community.

Other Verses:

Librarian says read a book

Firefighter says stop drop and roll

Mailman brings the mail

Doctor makes you well

Dentist says open up





Next week is all about Mo Willems 🙂

Getting Creative with PlayOsmo


It is super easy to make the Osmo programs personalized to what you want them to be.  I wanted to add a literacy component to Minecraft and have been trying to brainstorm what the best way would be to do that.  Then Play Osmo came into my life and BAM….bringing literacy to Minecraft programming is a cinch now!


Osmo has a great program called Words that you can create your own albums online that all of your students can access.  So I went to work and created a Minecraft edition of Osmo Words.  It was really easy to find images I wanted and I could make up the words I wanted the students to be able to spell.



It is easy to make an account on PlayOsmo and then you can go to work on making word albums that go with whatever lesson or program you want it to work with.  There is a whole community that makes these kinds of lessons that you can easily download onto your devices for your students if you don’t want to create the lessons yourself.

Here are some live screen shots of what my Minecraft words look like 🙂 Can you guess what these words are??


Want to check out the whole album? Here is the public link. Minecraft Words on Osmo

Teen Murder Mystery Night





The teens were tasked with figuring out literary clues to get to the real clues of who dun it! I used a kit from Janet Dickey, called ‘The Cracks in the Wall’.  These kits are awesome because they put the whole mystery together for you.

Here is where you would purchase:

This particular kit came with 15 clues that are for 3 different rooms, and it explains all of that within the kit.  I had 3 different sections in the library set up with these clues but I added an extra layer to it.

I made up clues that the teens had to figure out in order to find the real clues.  The three sections were the teen section, the DVD section, and non-fiction.  They got a packet of 15 clues that were literary clues to guide them towards certain books and materials that had the murder clues within.  This is what the literary clues were…see if you can figure them out 🙂


I had a suspect wall so that the kids could visualize all of the suspects 🙂


The  kids had a ball! Each team got 5 minutes in each section, twice.  The team that picked the murderer and got the motive the most correct won Barnes and Noble Gift Cards 🙂 Here are some fun pictures from the event.


Summer Storytime-Shapes




Today was all about shapes! We had a lot of fun reading stories, playing with flannels, and singing shape songs! Here is what the plan was for the morning together:

1.) Hello Song with Instruments and Scarves

2.) Book One: Color Zoo

3.) Flannel-Flip Flap Jack

4.) Book Two with Bells- Shape Capers

5.) Book- Lots of Dots

6.) Rhyme- A Little Circle

7.) Book- Ship Shapes

8.) Song with Instruments-Do you Know What Shape This is?

9.) Book and Flannel: Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons

10.) Book- Shape by Shape

11.) Song with Shapes-Shapes (Twinkle, Twinkle)

12.) Book and Flannel-Tickle Monster

13.) Scarf Song-Circle Song

14.) Goodbye Song with Instruments and Scarves







Next we did the Flip Flap Jack flannel board together 🙂 This I thought was really cute because the kids got to attach shapes with different food parts of Flip Flap Jack.  The lyrics to this are below and I got all of the images for this flannel from


During this song the kids would clap and say Flip Flap Jack at every point when his name would come up in the rhyme.  It helped them to stay focused and they would remember every time when they should say his name!



There was a man made of food, made of food, made of food
There was a man made of food
And his name was Flip Flap Jack.

1. His head was made of a pancake, a pancake, a pancake
His head was made of a pancake,
And his name was Flip Flap Jack.

Continue with the following….

2. His body was made of a waffle…
3. His hair was made of whipped cream…
4. His arms were made of bananas…
5. His hands (or ears) were made of oranges…
6. His legs were made of bacon…
7. His feet were made of French toast…
8. His mouth was made of a sausage…
9. His nose was made of a strawberry…
10. His eyes were made of blueberries…
11. His belly button was made of a raspberry…




During this book I had all of the kids have bells and they would shake them during the ‘shake, shake, shake’ parts of the book.






Rhyme-A Little Circle (Storytime Katie)

A little circle (make circle with finger and thumb)
A bigger circle, (make circle with two hands)
And a great big circle I see. (make a circle with arms)
Now help me count them,
One, two, three!  (repeat gestures for each size)





Song-Do you know  what shape this is? (Library Village)

For this song all of the kids had instruments and I showed different shapes that they would shout out 🙂

Do you know what shape this is?
Shape this is?  Shape this is?
Do you know what shape this is and do you have one too?
If you do, give it a shake, shake shake shake, shake shake shake.
If you do, give it a shake and shout “hooray for squares!”
(I repeated with the triangle, circle, and rectangle)
Now we know all our shapes, all our shapes, all our shapes
Now we know all our shapes, shake them and say “hooray!”  



We read this story together and had lots of different things to put on the flannel board.  I also used my numbers flannel so that more volunteers could help with taking things off of the flannel board.





Shapes (to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle) – Sunflower Storytime
Put your Blue shape in the air Hold it high and leave it there.
Put your Blue shape on your back
Now please lay it in your lap.
Hold your Blue shape in your hand
Now everyone please stand.
Wave your Blue shape at the door
Now please lay it on the floor.
Hold your Blue shape and jump, jump, jump.
Hold your Blue shape way, way up!
(Yellow, purple, green.)


Tickle Monster is one of my favorite stories to use with a flannel board because the kids love seeing what the monster shapes makes as they tickle him apart.



We used scarves as we sang this song:

Song: “Circle Song” (Tune: The more we get together) – Verona Storytime

Have you ever seen a circle, a circle, a circle?
Have you ever seen a circle which goes round and round?
It rolls this way and that way, and that way and this way
Have you ever seen a circle, which goes round and round?